Our mission is to nourish our community with sustainably-grown food, to be a model of farm viability and to improve the health of families and the earth.


Our Story

We are the Massies and we enjoy sharing the simpler, meaningful moments of life.  To pause for those moments of joy that ground us. For us as a family, that’s taking a bite out of a sweet, sun-warmed tomato with our daughter, pausing amidst picking pears to laugh at the barn swallows dive-bombing Ben on the mower, carefully harvesting wild raspberries in the woods to nibble on while we work, and finding innovative ways to peel buckets of stubborn walnuts out of their skin-staining hulls.  Since the day we met, Ben and I have run full speed ahead into hard work and big dreams. As first-generation farmers, we spent years saving our pennies, learning the ways of both small farms and family businesses and preparing to one day take the leap. We take sincere pride in what we do.

At Grounded Earth Farm, we cherish the opportunity to slow down for those moments of joy rarely felt more strongly than over good food with family.  Good, nourishing food begins with a healthy soil and open-minded farmer willing to listen. It is our goal to bring our customers the most nourishing food and to do so with integrity, creativity and an understanding that we all want what’s best for our families.  We believe healthy bodies and healthy communities require sustainable, naturally grown food. Our belief that well-being begins with each of us — that we can remain grounded to this Earth, our family and our faith in this fast-paced world — is why we farm.